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Please refer the PC Game Play Instructions for the overall play of the game. This page describes specific differences in the Android version of WordBed.

To watch the Android game play, check the video below.
It is similiar to the PC and Mac game play.

WordBed on Android is available at the Google Play Store

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The game is played just as the PC version

Double clicking the last letter of a string of letters, selects the word. An arrow is drawn to show the word selected. If you select the same word again, it will blink in yellow. If you select an invalid word it will blink in red. The buttons on the bottom work as described in the game play instructions.

The scoreboard is scrollable to review words found since the start of play.

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To change a letter

To change a letter click on the letter so it turns green. Use the << button to change the letter to a prior letter in the alphabet. Use the >> button to change a letter to a letter following it in the alphabet.

In this example, the 'Y' that was in the word STYLE, has been changed to an 'S' and the new 5 letter word has been selected. Four points will be removed for the 'Y' but points will be added for the word LASTS.

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After Eliminate

The active buttons will light up to show you when Eliminate is active and the DONE button is active. To erase all the words found you hit ELIM(inate). When you get a board and can not find any more words, hit DONE. After looking over your score and scoreboard, hit NEXT and WORDBED will play the same board and compare your score to WORDBED's score.

Watch an Android game play video

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